Report on the 2015 AAMLS Laboratory Educational Training program in Korea

Astonished by Manpower, Teamwork and Total Lab Automation (TLA) in SNUH!

The Korean Association of Medical Technologists (KAMT) had invited four medical laboratory scientists from Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan to the seven days laboratory educational training program in Laboratory of Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital. KAMT has been designated as educational committee of AAMLS for the laboratory training of medical laboratory scientists from developing countries and on-site training educational program, visiting lecturer to your local laboratory. Moreover, KAMT has been keeping its relationship with Taiwan Association of Medical Technologists (TAMT) more than decades under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for better collaboration in field related issues and academic exchanges.

Two participants, Mr. Yun Ted Siaw, Masterskill Global College Kuching, Malaysia and Ms. Anna Karenina Malazo Del Rosario, UHBI-Paranaque Doctor’s Hospital, the Philippines are attending the general laboratory course on the second day of training. This program has been prepared by Quality Improvement (QI) team in the Laboratory of Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital and Seoul Chapter of KAMT after the survey of interests to learn from the applicants through application form which contents the survey box, named “discipline applying for” for the customized training course.

On the last day of the education, Mr. Noh, Gyeong Woon, Vice president of KAMT, presented the certificate of training to four honored trainees from Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan. All the expenses for the training was fully supported by KAMT. Airfare was compensated after presenting receipt or invoice of the participants according to the exchange rate on the day of compensation and seven days accommodation in the first grade tourist hotel including hotel buffet breakfast service was also complimentarily provided by KAMT with the appropriate allowance for cost of living in Korea for seven days.


The next laboratory educational training program will be held in one of the biggest commercial laboratory of Korea in September, 2017 and those participants in 2017, will be given the free registration, accommodation and opportunities to share the experiences of training as speakers during the 5th Congress of AAMLS in Busan city, Korea. KAMT would like to invite as many of participants as our international department budget allowed for this splendid unification and membership exchanges from Asian countries and associations of AAMLS. We are looking forward to meeting you here in Busan, Korea this coming 2017.